At Mindshift Clinic we get to see first hand the positive changes in our clients lives as they undergo neurofeedback training.  Below are a few of our favorite client stories:

J came to us as a young adult experiencing bipolar disorder and ADHD. He described his symptoms as rapid cycling between anxiety and depression with no in between. His anxiety and depression scores were... in the severe range back in February 2016. After 13 sessions of neurofeedback, J was using half of the amount of medical marijuana as he needed before to feel calm. Through the information gathered in his neurofeedback sessions, this made sense given that his brain appeared much more relaxed. He began to notice that he was having glimpses of normalcy in his routine. He would still fluctuate between anxiety and depression, but noticed that there were times when he felt “normal”, though he commented he was not sure because it was a feeling he had never experienced. This “normal” feeling only continued to grow for J and eventually, after about 18 sessions he had stopped using marijuana altogether. Toward the end of his sessions, J disclosed that he did not identify with bipolar disorder anymore and was very happy with this change. His friends and family have noticed a huge shift in his behaviour and mood. He is now enrolled in a full time school program, excelling and reporting that things are going really well for him. He still feels tired occasionally, but has coping mechanisms in place and feels in control of his daily life. J still comes to MSC for maintenance appointments, whenever he feels as though he needs a boost

R has been a client of biofeedback and neurofeedback training at the MindShift Clinic for approximately 6 months. He has a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. As part of his PTSD symptoms, he abused alcohol to cope and although he has not used alcohol since 2000 due to health reasons he still had “dry alcoholism” symptoms. These included feeling unhappy and becoming easily agitated. He frequently went to a rage state when even sma...ll things went wrong. His PTSD kept him from sleeping due to nightmares and night sweats. He also socially isolated and suffered from severe anxiety attacks. He kept busy 20 hours per day to prevent his past from haunting him. By 2004 he was unable to work due to the accumulation of physical and emotional pain. He was unable to control his negative thoughts and he felt suicidal.

Following his biofeedback and neurofeedback training, he reported that he feels like a new person. He feels content with his life, goes to bed at 10 pm and each night sleeps minimum of 6 hours. His family have noticed positive changes in his personality. His wife thinks “the new him” is amazing. She especially appreciates that he is able to manage stress without anger outbursts. He now lives in a calm state instead of a reactive one. He is enjoying life much more and feels that biofeedback and neuro feedback training have positively affected his life. He has been able to process his past traumatic issues so they no longer have control over his mood, dreams or state of mind.

It is an honor to work with clients like R who are motivated and believe in their ability to heal. His treatment has given him the ability to live the rest of his life with calmness, a desire to be in healthy relationships and the capacity to reason through stress without reactivity.

Last October I learned that Fredericton had a clinic that provided neurofeedback treatment. I called that day to make an appointment for my 13 year old son who has ADHD. To my delight, we got an appointment the following week. I had already researched what neurofeedback was and how it could elevate ADHD symptoms.

I can tell you improvements in his ADHD symptoms have been gradual. After only a few sessions I noticed that he could maintain eye contact while talking to me and not being distracted by everything else around him. After about 10 sessions I noticed he was calmer and not so fidgety. He says that he is more social because he feels he can communicate better.

The proof that neurofeedback was working for my son was when we went to visit my family who live 5 hours away and have not seen us for months.  Everyone noticed how mature and calm he was.

To think that I had considered making weekly trips to Halifax to get this treatment for my son. I am so grateful to the technicians of Mindshift for always answering my questions, their friendly and professional approach and their genuine concern for my son's well-being.

Since starting neurofeedback training I am pleased to say that I was able to reduce my anti-depressant meds down from 3 pills a day to 1/2 of a pill a day.  I wanted to take NFT to help with my addictions and am happy to say that I am no longer addicted to Nicorette gum (after 5 years) and I have been able to make a decision on a major life change that I was contemplating for about 2 years.  I am able to better deal with problems and I am not as snappy as I was before.  I have a sense of hope for the future which was missing before.  The girls in the office are awesome and were a great help, when help was what I needed!  Thanks so much!!!  BJ

"I am 18 years old and have suffered with migraines since I was 7 years old. This year I was admitted into the hospital for over a month because of these migraines. No doctor could figure out what was wrong even after MRIs and two spinal taps; as a last resort my therapist sent me to get Neurofeedback. Within 8 session my family and I have seen amazing results. No longer am I hiding in dark rooms, or wearing sunglasses all the time. I am able to enjoy life as an 18 year old should. I would recommend Neurofeedback to anyone with migraines problems because it defiantly changed my life." SD

 “Before, I was feeling depressed, anxious, stressed, living at home as 22 year old.  I was not working.  Now generally feeling happier. I can cope – screw you stress.  I am better at getting up and getting going in the morning. I don’t dwell on things as much. When I go to crappy places, I get out of it faster.”

Before NFT, I had read a lot and I knew the answers rationally, but I did not feel it – I don’t have to think about it.  I am more focused, can process information.  Before I was overwhelmed by information. Now I just want more information.  Now has the brain capacity to deal with information.  I have been able to handle emotions better. I feel better, lighter, like I can understand more.  I am not so overwhelmed.

 “Before, I was feeling depressed, anxious, stressed, living at home as 22 year old.  I was not working.  Now generally feeling happier. I can cope – screw you stress.  I am better at getting up and getting going in the morning. I don’t dwell on things as much. When I go to crappy places, I get out of it faster.”

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