With every health care challenge, we need options to make well-informed choices


With advancements in research, health care professionals now have alternatives that focus on healing the brain, so that the body and mind can return to wellness.


Neurofeedback (NFT) is a painless empirically based method that helps to heal and rebalance the way the brain communicates with itself.  When the brainwaves are imbalanced, the body and mind become symptomatic.  Neurofeedback training (NFT) can help the brain become more efficient, allowing clients and patients to return to mind wellness as quickly as possible. Because brainwave functioning, in concert with the biochemical systems of the central nervous system predict wellness, NFT helps with many conditions including:


Neurofeedback training is recommended when your patient/client has the motivation to change; when there is a disorder or injury that is hindering the brain from functioning properly; or to optimize brain functioning for athletic and academic performance.


Many of your patients/clients will experience success from traditional forms of treatment like medication and counselling. However others will struggle to reach their desired results despite the efficacy of these treatments.  At the MindShift Clinic, we can help your patients/clients achieve those results by first conducting a full assessment, to include   mapping the areas of the brain that are dis-regulated and psychological testing.  From these results, a neurofeedback training protocol will be recommended.  Once the brain is rebalanced, other therapies are facilitated. These videos offer a quick overview of the value of Neurofeedback.


If you are interested in having Dr. Joan Wright provide a free 60 minute presentation to your organization on how neurofeedback helps provide optimal health and wellness please contact info@mindshiftclinic.ca


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