PhD., Owner

With 31 years of experience as a psychologist, Joan Wright is passionate about helping clients feel like themselves again. Her training allows her to assess the interaction between the brain, body and mind to determine the best place to start the healing process. 


“People deserve to heal as quickly as possible with the best interventions available. As we gain a deeper understanding of how stress and trauma affect the brain, we can now help people heal faster and more effectively because we are starting where the problem is – the brain and once the brain waves are balanced, then we talk it out, breathe it out, stretch it out, meditate it out – whatever body or mind intervention works for the specific need.” 


Through the MindShift Clinic, Wright’s goal is to offer clients tools that provide them with a greater capacity to experience healing so they can feel like themselves again as quickly as possible.



Neurofeedback Clinician 

Amanda is a Registered Social Worker with the New Brunswick Association of Social Workers and holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from Wilfrid Laurier University. She has a variety of experience in mental health and addiction treatment. Amanda is passionate about coming alongside people in their journey towards recovery from trauma, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and other mental health experiences. Amanda moved from Ontario to New Brunswick in 2019 where she joined the MindShift Clinic team in order to fulfill her passion of applying holistic treatment methods with clients as they work towards achieving their wellness goals.


“I first became interested in holistic treatment after reading Bessel van der Kolk’s ‘ The Body Keeps the Score.’ I am excited about the groundbreaking work that MindShift Clinic is doing, and I am proud to be part of a team who promotes resilience and wellness for those served. I am interested in working as a collaborative team with my clients, as we work towards wellness, recovery, and personal growth together.”


BA Psych (Honours)

Biofeedback Clinician

Alyssa graduated from the University of New Brunswick with High Honors in 2013 and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology. After completing 3 years of her graduate degree in Clinical Psychology she was delighted to accept a position at Mindshift as a biofeedback technician while she pursues her Master's in Counselling part time.



BA (Honours), MASP

Resident in Psychology 

       Nick joins the MindShift Team as a resident in psychology (Master’s degree in school psychology) under the supervision of Dr. Joan Wright, Lic. Psych., and Erika Nason, Lic. Psych. Nick will be conducting assessments for ADHD and affective disorders. He will be providing interventions for an array of child and adolescent related difficulties as well as offering neurofeedback training with cognitive behavioral therapy for the treatment of ADHD. Research supports neurofeedback training protocols as efficacious and specific for the treatment of ADHD.  

 "At the end of the day, it’s all about providing the best care possible for our clients. I am thrilled to be working at Mindshift where continued education is a priority. Offering holistic approaches to healing, that involve psychological, physiological, and social processes, gives me confidence that our clients will be well equipped to overcome the challenges they face.” 



Office Manager & Executive Assistant

Mary is the Office Manager at Mindshift Clinic. She received a Medical Office Administration Diploma, with the highest academic standing in her class, from the New Brunswick Community College in 2008. Mary has worked in an administrative support role with Health Services, Government of New Brunswick since then.

“I’ve always been interested in mental health and overall wellness, so when the opportunity came up to join the MindShift team it was an easy decision for me to make.  In the first few months of being here it became very evident that we were providing an invaluable service.”




Primary Counsellor

Gabrielle holds a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy, is a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC), and is a Licensed Counselling Therapist – Candidate (LCT-C) in the province of New Brunswick.  She has continued on to complete an externship in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples so that she might better serve the needs of the couples she works with.  Additionally, she has completed training in career development, Motivational Interviewing, Internal Family Systems therapy, and is a trained Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP) provider. 

Gabrielle seeks to create a safe and warm environment for her clients where she counsels with compassion.  It is her goal that each client will leave her office feeling heard and understood in the way they need and that through this, they will be able to develop a deeper connection within themselves and with others. 

“It is a true honor to be a part of the team at MindShift and to have the privilege of working with each one of my clients.”



Biofeedback Clinician

Ashley is a registered social worker with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology, as well as a Bachelor and Masters in social work. She has been employed with Mindshift Clinic since 2016 and provides biofeedback, directed neurofeedback as well as talk therapy. Ashley has been interested in Holistic treatment since 2011 when she began her career in First Nations prevention & child welfare.

“Working in First nations communities and learning from Indigenous educators in the Masters program has provided me with the opportunity to learn about and embrace a holistic framework for helping and healing. As a counselor at the Mindshift Clinic, I am able to continue to support, advocate for and practice holistic approaches to mental health and wellness. I feel honoured to work in an environment that promotes and encourages continued education, growth and excellence”.

Since starting at Mindshift, Ashley has continued to learn many different counseling techniques to provide an individualized, holistic and client centered approach to treatment. In addition to biofeedback and neurofeedback, Ashley has been trained in empirically supported therapies to include EMDR, Prolonged exposure, Internal Family Systems as well as cognitive therapies. Ashley is also currently completing a certificate in Trauma Studies from the Trauma Research Foundation and in the final stage of earning her board certification in biofeedback and neurofeedback.




Biofeedback Clinician

Justine is a certified counsellor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association and holds a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology from Athabasca University. She is fascinated by many mental health related topics, such as recovering from trauma, and is passionate about working with people who experience stress, trauma, and any experiences on the anxiety spectrum. Specifically, she holds an interest in emotion-focused and mindfulness practices. She has experience working with individuals with various mental health and substance use concerns. In her role as a biofeedback clinician, Justine hopes to facilitate self-awareness and personal growth by practicing from a client-centered and non-judgmental stance. Justine is able to offer services in both English and French and is thrilled to be a part of the MindShift team.

“I strongly believe that the clinic’s holistic and multifaceted approach to mental health and wellbeing fosters change, relief, and encourages clients to reconnect with their world in a meaningful way. I look forward to sharing the benefits of biofeedback and other mental health practices with clients.”




Neurofeedback Clinician

Kristi joins the Mindshift Clinic team with a background in both mindfulness - based education and counselling. After completing her Masters degree in Counselling at UNB in 2016, Kristi was delighted to join the Mindshift Clinic in an effort to help others begin their path to wellness. As a Certified Neurofeedback Technician, Kristi aims to work one on one with clients in order to help them meet their individual needs.

“One model does not fit all – for me, listening to the client and collaboratively forming a plan for treatment is imperative. It is refreshing to work in a clinic that offers multiple services that are able to meet the unique needs of both children and adults. What I found to be most appealing about Mindshift, is that all of our interventions are entirely holistic.”


BA Psych

Neurofeedback Technician

After successfully completing her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of New Brunswick, Jasmina began her career in the mental health field as a behavioral therapist working with youth on the autism spectrum. Jasmina join the MindShift Clinic team in 2016, where she became a certified Neurofeedback technician. She enjoys the opportunity to thoroughly discuss with clients their personal wellness goals, and how we can help assist them to become their best self. 


 "I am so thrilled to be a part of a team that strives to meet the needs of clients through a caring, innovative, and holistic approach." 



BA Psych
General Neurofeedback Technician

Hilary graduated from St. Thomas University in 2019 with distinction in her major of psychology. During her last year of study, Hilary began providing MindShift Clinic with research on Neurofeedback and Biofeedback. This research, combined with her yoga training as a holistic approach to wellness, strengthened her passion for helping individuals achieve healthy body, breath and mind awareness. 

“As a General Neurofeedback Technician, I’ve been able to witness first-hand the immense progress clients are able to achieve with the help of this training. It is a way of understanding the mind that facilitates going beyond it and observing it. To be able to observe the functioning of the mind without being swayed or overwhelmed by thoughts - that is why I love what I do.” 



BA Psych (Honours)

General Neurofeedback Technician

Cameron graduated from St Thomas University in 2018 with her Bachelor of Arts and an Honours in Psychology. Throughout her education she learned a lot about mental health, the mind-body connection, as well as the importance of social support. Cameron uses her knowledge to help foster a welcoming space for MindShift clients as a Neurofeedback Technician. She is honoured to be able to offer support and help people along their wellness journey.


She is also pursuing her Masters in Education with a concentration in Counselling in hopes to offer support to those who want it and develop her skills as a professional helper. 

“I am so excited to help be apart of the MindShift Clinic, their holistic approach resonates with me immensely.”



Administrative Assistant

Lorraine is the Administrative Assistant at Mindshift Clinic. She received an Administrative assistant/Secretarial Diploma in 1996 and has worked in the Administrative field for the past 18 years. Lorraine obtained a certificate in Mental Health First Aid and always had an interest in the Mental Health field. 

"I see people's health and wellness improving with the treatment we provide here at Mindshift Clinic and I am so excited to be a part of this amazing team".


Nurse Practitioner

Lisa Duplessis has been practicing as a Nurse Practitioner since 2015. She completed her Bachelor of Nursing degree in 2010 and subsequently her Master of Nursing in 2015, both through the University of New Brunswick. She holds a strong commitment to providing holistic care to clients across the lifespan.

"I feel strongly that mental health sets the foundation for overall health. I seek to improve that aspect of life for all of my clients to the best of my ability."




General Neurofeedback Technician

Sam completed a Bachelor of Business Administration with a Minor in Psychology. Over the years, she's worked with youth, persons with mobility disabilities, and as a mentor for women in sport. When presented with the opportunity to work at MindShift Clinic, Sam was thrilled to combine her passion for personal wellbeing and desire to aid individuals towards their wellness goals.

"I continue to be amazed by the progress my clients are exhibiting. I am thrilled to be apart of a team that not only supports, but encourages continuing education so we can assist our clients to live their lives with ease and contentedness."

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