Learning to reason using logic and cognitive behavioural therapies is not always the answer; 30% of people don’t benefit from traditional talk therapies. Internal Family Systems (IFS) is not a “typical” type of therapy – it takes a different view on healing, on the individual, and the role of the therapist.

Picture a family, maybe even your own family – two great kids and two amazing parents. Each member of the family is unique, with his/her own way of thinking, range of emotions, and way of expressing those emotions. You have an “inner” family that operates in much the same way; each part of your inner family is unique but equally as valuable. When trauma occurs without the necessary support, parts develop to keep those intense emotions tucked away from the rest of the system. It is often these parts that drive the unwanted thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours in your life. 

In contrast to your parts, your Self – a birth-right energy within us all – is who you really are. The Self is compassionate, caring, creative, courageous, connected, curious, and calm, and, with a little help, accessible to us all.

Trauma causes parts to develop because you felt alone and unsupported. Imagine if you could go back and you could provide that essential support for yourself! What would you have said to yourself? IFS gives you that opportunity by helping you reconnect your parts with your Self – your Self gets to be the support you never had. By reconnecting your Self and your parts, your parts will begin to unburden the trauma they have been holding on to all alone for so long, thus allowing your entire system to heal itself.