The brain has a bio-chemical and a bioelectrical system. The bio-chemical is familiar because it is managed with medication which is what we have traditionally relied on to feel better.  The bio-electrical system is like a 4 speed engine.  Imagine the smoothest running engine you can.  It shifts up and down its gears with ease.  If it’s on the highway, it hums along in 4th, if it’s parked, we want it in 1st.  The bio-electrical system in our brain is the same.  When we are at work or studying, we want to shift into our 4th gear as needed.  When we are ready to sleep, we want our brain to shift into 1st for us.  However, an accumulation of stress over our lifetime or being born with an organic disorder like Attention Deficit Disorder or Epilepsy alters our 4 speed engine so that we get stuck in certain gears.  For example, someone who has anxiety, has an engine that is getting stuck in the upper gears resulting in an over-active mind, a tight muscular structure, tightness in the chest and likely social avoidance to prevent from feeling anxious.  With certain types of attention deficit disorder, the brain is getting stuck in the lower, day dreamy states so it is difficult to upshift into the problem solving gears when the teacher says it is time to open up the books.  Neurofeedback Training helps the gears shift easily once again, leading to symptom reduction and increased readiness for other interventions.

How does NFT work?

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