What is a neurofeedback session like?

Neurofeedback sessions are about 45 minutes long. They are easy and painless, and most people find them to be quite relaxing.


Our neurofeedback technicians/clinicians will attach sensors to your head. These sensors will detect brainwave signals and send them to a computer with specially designed software that amplifies the signals.


The information about how the brain is performing is fed back to the brain through a pause in auditory and visual displays. Your brain responds to this feedback by moving towards more adaptive and flexible functioning. You actually get to see and hear what is happening in your brain!  It is like having a good mechanic to tune your engine. Once your engine is tuned, you can drive as far and as long as you want, unlike when your gears are not shifting well.




Are there side effects from NFT?

NFT is considered safe because it provides information from, not stimulation to the brain. The electrical activity of the brain is simply read; no electrical current is put into the brain or body. Most of the time there are no side effects at all but occasionally a person may feel temporary symptoms such as being more tired, particularly at the beginning of training, just like you would after a physical workout.  Just as you build resiliency with your physical workouts, you will do the same with NFT and quickly begin to feel better after your training.




How do I decide if NFT is for me?

Do you feel that any of these statements apply to you?


“I feel pain”, “I feel vulnerable’, “I overreact to everything”, “my mind never stops”, “I feel weak”, “I feel like I have no control”, “I want room to breathe”, “I feel overwhelmed”, “I feel tense/stressed/nervous/helpless” “sometimes I feel like I would be better off dead”, “I would like to learn to study better”, “I want to be a better athlete”, “I want to feel like myself again”


If you want to change, have tried other approaches and have found them not to be as helpful as you would like, neurofeedback may be your next step. It often helps prepare a person for psychotherapy by helping them more easily process the emotional garbage that accumulates as a result of the stress of life.  It is like creating a garbage bag so that you can dump out the toxic waste that is smelling up your life.




How do I get started?

Once you decide that you would like to try neurofeedback training, a full assessment will be completed to determine the symptoms associated with your brain, body and mind interaction. This will involve a Clinical Q  EEG assessment where your five brain waves (5 gears) will be assessed at 5 different places on your head. The results will give us a diagnostic direction for training your brain.


The assessment will cost $200.00. General neurofeeback sessions cost $75.00 per session. Directed neurofeeback sessions cost $150.00 per session. Some costs may be covered by private insurance companies under psychological services, EEG Biofeedback. Please check with your insurance provider for coverage requirements.  Most people see significant changes after 8-20 sessions.  

Please note: Effective September 2018 our prices will be increasing. Please contact us at 1-506-455-4551 for further information. 




Too good to be true?

Numerous scientific studies have been published on the efficacy of NFT with a number of problematic areas (see research section).  For example, controlled scientific studies have compared the effects of Ritalin and other stimulants with the effects of neurofeedback.  Both approaches resulted in significant improvements (up to 75% for medication, up to 90% for neurofeedback) in behavior and attention, but when the medication was stopped, the problems returned whereas children treated with neurofeedback, sustained their gains.  Once the brainwave problem is fixed, it’s fixed.  Relapses are rare, unless further psychological or physical trauma is experienced, because the brain functioning has been normalized.  Up to a maximum of forty sessions over a five month period has been shown to lead to the permanent improvements found in research participants.


The American Psychological Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics recognize neurofeedback as an efficacious treatment for ADHD at a level 5 efficacy (equal to medication).   Empirical efficacy ranges from levels 2 to 4, for anxiety, depression, PTSD, addictions, brain injury, and eating disorders. It is no longer a question of whether neurofeedback is empirically efficacious.  Rather, the focus is on conducting research to determine how efficacious it is for a particular problem.


All insurance companies cover NFT with a psychologist as the provider.  At least 10 sessions are recommended to give the brain waves the assistance needed to change in a positive direction.





Unless otherwise arranged, payment is required at the time of your appointment.





Following your initial assessment, a series of appointments will be arranged for you.  These appointments are crucial to your progress.  If for any reason, you are unable to keep your appointment, we request 24 hours notice.



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