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We are dedicated to bringing you wellness through the latest innovative science by using Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Medication, and Body Therapies as indicated. Thorough medical and psychological assessments are available, to include a brain wave assessment, psycho-educational, neuro-psychological, and mental health assessments to determine recommendations that are best suited for our client’s individual needs. Our goal is to optimize the way your brain, body and mind work together.


Our Multi-Disciplinary team includes psychologists, biofeedback and neurofeedback counsellor technicians, massage therapist who lead trauma sensitive yoga groups.


History of MindShift


“As a psychologist, I was trained to work with the mind via cognitive behavioral therapy: change the way you think and you will change the way you feel.  For many clients, this works.  However, there are those for whom their issues have been longstanding, often from trauma based experiences and/or an accumulation of stress and despite my years of training and experience, I could not “talk them out” of their pain. I have always been on the search to find alternative means of intervention to facilitate psychotherapy.


About three years ago, I re-met my now husband who is a serving colonel and was then director of army training with the Canadian Forces.  Together our passions for helping those who have suffered stress injuries, both military and non-military, led us to a conference in New York State that focused on how to help those with operational PTSD.  Among the presenters were Peter Levine, Bessel van der Kolk, Jon Kabat Zinn, all major researchers and practitioners in the PTSD world.  Bessel van der Kolk validated that talk therapy is not the starting point for those dealing with PTSD.  He proceeded to outline empirically based pre-therapy options, to include neurofeedback.  Excited by the possibility of building resiliency in those serving with the Canadian forces, my husband sought out Neurofeedback training for himself.  The results were impressive which mobilized me to open the MindShift Clinic in Fredericton in February of 2013. 


Dr. Joan Wright

Be the Best You!


When problems are long standing, and despite motivation and competent therapists, mind wellness is not being achieved, the impact of trauma on the brain needs to be investigated.  Once the brain is rebalanced, mind and body therapies can realize more significant results.  It’s all about starting at the right spot.  If the basement needs renovations, renovating the bathroom is not going to help!"





An Assessment at the MindShift Clinic is recommended when you or a loved one has the motivation to change and have tried effective treatments that have not worked as well as you needed them too; when there is an disorder or injury that is hindering the brain to function properly such as ADHD and epilepsy; and to optimize brain function for athletic and academic performance.  Based on the results of this assessment, in conjunction with information gained from an interview and paper and pencil questionnaires, recommendations for interventions will be offered. Biofeedback and  Neurofeedback Training, Medication, Talk Therapy and Massage are options offered at the MindShift Clinic.  Referrals to physiotherapy, chiropractic, occupational therapy, mindfulness meditation and dietician consults can be facilitated as required.


Biofeedback is a method of intervention that  monitors your physiological processes (heart rate for example), measures what is monitored and transforms that measurement into auditory and/or visual signals, and presents what is monitored & measured in a simple, direct, and immediate way to help you train your nervous system.


Biofeedback can help with:  


  • Traumatic injury

  • Pelvic floor pain

  • POTs

  • TMJ & IBS

  • Tics

  • Substance Abuse

  • Hypertension

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Chronic pain

  • Headaches

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Hot flashes

  • Circulation issues


Neurofeedback (NFT) is a painless method that helps to heal and rebalance the way the brain communicates with itself.   When the brain is balanced, it allows you to return to mind wellness more quickly with the assistance of your other chosen interventions (e.g., medication, counselling, mindfulness meditation). Because NFT works directly to rebalance the brain, it can help with many conditions where the brain waves are imbalanced, including:


Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Wellness



How Neurofeeback Is Being Used Elsewhere


The US military uses it to train their special forces and have adopted it as a new intervention for Post -Traumatic Stress Disorder and traumatic brain injury. In fact, 69 military bases in US are using it as part of their resiliency and rehabilitation training.   NASA uses Neurofeedback to train astronauts. Professional football players and Olympic athletes are using it to optimize performance.

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